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Click here to view our current Canadian inventory of parts and accessories   OR  click here to see what firearms we currently have in stock in Canada




You can also check out our forums on Gun Owners of Canada or follow us on Facebook for up to date info.



Yes we sell guns to Canadians. In fact we are Canadian. When you purchase firearms and parts listed on this website there are NO additional export/import fees.

At checkout you will be charged applicable Canadian sales tax and shipping but that's all... NO additional fees or charges to pay later. We only charge an export fee for third party purchases. See below for fee schedule.


When you purchase from this site as a Canadian you are actually purchasing from our Canadian company based out of Penticton BC.


We hold a CBFL with import privileges so we can import firearms, optics and firearm parts to Canada. Our US company holds a FFL and is registered with the DDTC and the BIS so we can export firearms, optics and firearm parts from the US.


This means that we export/import guns and accessories directly and eliminate the middle man providing a new kind of on-line shopping experience to Canadians. Everything here that is not prohibited in Canada can be imported and shipped to you from our Penticton facility.

Sales tax and shipping are included at time of checkout, so what you see is what you pay... no extra charges or hidden fees to pay later. Yes, that applies to firearms as well. No fees to import firearms purchased from us.



At this time we have a very limited inventory in Canada. Most orders will need to be imported prior to being shipped to you from BC. We appreciate your patience during the import process as we strive to provide you with products unavailable elsewhere.



Please note:

Certain items are either not allowed for import into Canada, or not allowed for export from the US.

Including, but not limited to:


- Magazines with an original capacity of greater than 33 rounds. Not allowed for export from the US. (All allowable magazines are pinned or blocked to legal Canadian capacities prior to import).


- Firearms originally manufactured as full auto and subsequently converted to semi-auto. Not allowed for export from the US.


- Suppressor parts. This includes empty cans, baffles, decouplers, etc. Not allowed for export from the US. (We used to be allowed to export these type of parts but the DDTC changed the rules.) ((THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO FAUX SUPPRESSOR - THESE ARE ALLOWED))


- Various brands of ammunition. Not allowed for import into Canada. (We are continually working toward getting more manufactures added to the NRCan approved explosives list.)


- Tracers, incendiary rounds, armor piercing handgun ammo and flechettes. Other specific military type ammo is also prohibited. Not allowed for import into Canada,


- Replica firearms. This includes SIRT Training Pistols. Not allowed for import into Canada.


- Any Prohibited Device. Not allowed for import into Canada. Here’s a link to the CBSA website for further information on prohibited devices.


- Certain restricted firearms. Not allowed for import into Canada. All restricted firearms must be assigned a Firearms Identification Number and listed on the Firearms Reference Table (FRT). Within the past few years there have been a lot of new manufactures start up in the US making AR pattern rifles and many of them are not yet listed on the FRT.  We have been working closely with the Firearms Technicians at the CFO and have had good success getting new manufactures added, so please contact us to find out if there is a number assigned or if we are working on it.



Ammo orders: As noted above, not all ammo manufacturers are listed on the approved explosives list, so please contact us prior to ordering ammo. Also note that there will be additional shipping costs on ammo once it is imported due to the dangerous goods classification in Canada. Let us know what caliber and quantity you would like to order and we will get you a shipping quote.



Also we can import any legal firearms to Canada that you purchase or acquire from a third party. This applies to parts and magazines as well.

Please contact us for details and then go shopping on Gunbroker or bring home that heirloom.


Fees to import 3RD PARTY ITEMS, that we do not sell or carry in stock are as follows:

Non-Restricted: $125.00 for the first gun and $35.00 for each additional gun on the same import.

Restricted: $150.00 for the first gun and $50.00 for each additional gun on the same import.

Parts or Optics: $35.00 for the first line item and $20.00 for each additional line item on the same import. 

For example, if you have one restricted and one non-restricted, you would pay $150.00 for the first one and $35.00 for the second one.

A "Line Item" means products that are equal can be put onto one line on the permit application.


Please contact us to confirm that the items you want are legal to import into Canada prior to purchasing. 


Check the Shipping & Returns page for more info. 


Note that all magazines are blocked or pinned to legal Canadian limits prior to import. Whenever possible we install an internal block rather than a rivet.

As of now, none of our 5.56 Cal Pmags will be riveted! We use an internal block which allows the magazine to be disassembled for proper cleaning. 


Please check back here often or become an Aztech Warrior to get up to date information.

Or for updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook

Thanks for you business and we look forward to serving your needs in the future... 

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