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Thank you all for checking back to this page for updates. (Last updated 5/23/2020)



On May 20th, we announced the import scheduled for April 27th is finally on its way. The shipment cleared Export from US Customs and is currently at Canada Customs in a hold pattern pending "examination". What this means is that Canada Customs will not release our shipment until they can determine its admissibility. The Customs Agents on staff explained to us that, as there are many firearms newly banned, they were uncertain as to if the parts for those banned firearms are admissibile. The agents communicated to the RCMP and they could not make the determination either. They reached out to the CFO but did not get a response at the time so their only option was to hold the shipment until they could get determination from the CFO.

As many of you already know, we at Aztech Armory work tirelessly and with great dedication to get your products to you. Through all the challenges like Postal strikes, changes in laws, govenment shutdowns, government short-staffing, vendor manufacturing and production shortages, and whatever else comes our way. We have been servicing your needs for 6 years and we will continue to work hard to resolve this present challenge. We once again ask that you be patient a little longer and believe that we will get your products to you as soon as we are able to proceed once the hold is released.

Thank you!


A NOTE FROM THE CEO: Hey ya'll... I just wanted to add here that the CBSA officers we are dealing with are not the bad guys here. They have to answer to the chain of command and they are as frustrated as we are. These guys and gals are the boots on the ground and they have a tough job to do as our first line of defense against many threats that we don't even think of. They do not make the rules, and in fact I know a  few of these guys and their guns are being banned just like ours. Many are competive shooters and enthuiasts like us. They deserve our utmost respect, so please do not hold the CBSA in contempt over this. MW 




Once the shipment is released, we will announce it on this page.

Please bear with us while we break down the shipment into your packages and get them to the Post Office. If you could avoid emailing us for updates, that will keep us off the computer and on the task of fulfilling your orders. You will get an email with your tracking number as soon as the Post Office has your package. Thank you!


The June import is closed now and we are taking orders for the next import which is tentatively scheduled for August. The cut off date for the August import is yet to be determined.  



Here at Aztech Armory, we are all taking precautions and exercising appropriate social distancing, and

we are doing business as usual.

The only issue we have at this time is the run on product in the US. Many of our suppliers are pushing longer lead times and, in some cases, product is sold out within minutes of being re-stocked. 

For this reason, we have temporarily amended our cancellation policy. At this time, we cannot accept cancellations after 24 hours of placing the order without a re-stocking fee. So, we ask that you are 100% sure about your purchase prior to placing your order.


Thank you all again for your orders and the awesome support you’ve shown over the years! 


**Canada Post Shipping Update.    (Last updated 3/16/2020)

Canada Post has suspended the Signature Required program at this time.

All packages shipped will not be signed for, and instead will be safe-dropped at your address. If safe-drop is not an option a pickup notice card will be left for you.

**Please see Canada Post's website for more detailed information:





Click here to view our current Canadian inventory of parts and accessories   




You can also check out our forums on Gun Owners of Canada or follow us on Facebook for up to date info.



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