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Aztech Armory is proud to announce the release of our new website coming soon!

Customers with existing accounts, please note: your current account and account history will NOT transfer to the new site. Please make sure to save any information you want to keep for your records.

All open orders will continue to be processed and you will be provided with status updates as they become available.

Once the new site is live, you will need to setup a new account.

Thank you so much for your support and please let us know if you have any questions - as always, we're here to help! We know you will love the new features and layout.


Do you ship to the Canada, or the US? 

Although we are based in the US, we are a Canadian only supplier and distributor, and can only ship to valid Canadian addresses.
We do not currently ship within the US, or internationally. If that changes in future, we will make an offcial update.

Why do I need to make an account?

We appreciate your business and want to make purchasing on our site as easy and secure as possible. By making an account it allows you to view the most up-to-date status of your orders. With your account information in our system, you can easily track your order history and access other pertinent information. 

And you might be thinking, "I don't want to make an account because I don't want junk mail sent to me!" Rest assured, the only emails you will receive from us are updates on your orders.

An item showed 'In Stock' when I purchased it, but I received an email saying I have to wait till the next import?

Almost all orders are on a pre-sale basis; we do an import to Canada every 6-8 weeks and products are shown ‘In Stock’ on our website so that our customers are able to make their purchase ahead of an import schedule. Procurement of the item can take place several weeks after an order is placed.

Once purchased, your item is allocated to you in our US facility, and then brought into Canada on the next available import. If your item(s) are not able to make a scheduled import, (i.e., they are on backorder with the supplier) we will move the order to the next import, with no action needed at your part. Your order status will be updated.

Do you have products already in Canada that I can receive right away?

We have a select inventory of items that are already in Canada. They are listed in the category here:
In Canada Now!'.
Those products will have BCW- at the beginning of their product code, and will say 'In Canada Now' in the product description. If the product is not found in our "In Canada Now!" section and does not have BCW- in the product code, then it will need to be imported.


What does 'Pending' mean? What does 'Processing' mean? 

When an order is 'Pending', it has not yet been accepted into our import schedule. Your credit card is charged upon submission of your order. The status changes to ‘Processing’ once your order is assessed and confirmed ready to proceed onto our import schedule. If we have any concerns or comments about your order, we will email you. Please allow 1 week to process your order. 


Why did I not get an email from you?

Please check your junk folder! 
Recipients who use 'Hotmail' may have trouble receiving our updates. If you have sent us an email and have not received a response within one week, please check your spam folder, and if it is not there, send us another email! Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. 


Are all your prices in USD?

All of our prices listed on our website will be in USD, including the shipping charge. All prices quoted will be in USD, unless otherwise specified.


Why does my Customer and Billing information have to match? 

Due to banking regulations the customer name and address must match the billing and shipping name and address. If your personal information doesn't match, your order can be delayed or cancelled, with fees. 
if you need your order shipped to a different address than your billing address, please contact us!


Does Aztech Armory have a layaway option? 

Yes! We make it as simple as possible. We request 25% down and the rest is to be paid within the next 3 months. If you don’t have it paid in full within the three months, we keep the initial payment of 25% and refund any subsequent payments to you.

You can add the order to our system by using the payment method of ‘check/money order’ and in your order comments say you would like this order to be a layaway.

You will receive an email from our accounting team a few days after checking out reflecting the currency exchange rate of the day the order is made. Payments can be sent to us via EMT at your leisure. If the currency rate improves over the term, you will in effect be paying a bit more. Equally, if the exchange rate worsens, your rate is locked in.

Shipping and sales tax are added to the plan at the time of order.     


What if I don't have a credit card, do you take other forms of payment? 

Yes, we offer payment by EMT, as well. At checkout choose the 'Check/Money Order' option under payment method, then make a note in your order comments that you would like to pay by EMT (Electronic Money Transfer / E-Transfer / Interac Transfer). 

Within a few days we will email you with payment details.


I sent you a text and you didn't respond, what's up with that?

We are no longer accepting text messages. Please send inquiries through our Contact Us page.
Thank you!




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