CZ Bren 2 BR stock Adjustable Cheek Riser V2

Light weight construction made out of Multi Fusion Jet Nylon 12 material, this adjustable cheek riser is extremely durable and easy to manipulate with spring loaded slider button. Cheek Riser has 4 positions including fully collapsed and can be adjusted rapidly with one hand. Fully collapsed, the Cheek Riser is an exact shape and size of the factory cheek support, at the highest position, it provides 3/4 inch height increase measured at the mid-point. Adjustment button is placed at the very front of the assembly to avoid any contact with resting cheek. Installation is simple and straight forward, please refer to installation section for installation video.

V2 adds a small position pointer as the cheek riser is adjusted to positions 1, 2, and 3. Some internal parts have been updated as well, though the function is the same as V1.

Please note this purchase is for the Cheek Riser attachment only and does not include the CZ BR stock.

Adapter is manufactured from Nylon using a process called Multi Jet Fusion or MJF. The parts are then sandblasted, dyed and shot peened for a strength and finish that is comparable to injection molded nylon. The part is black throughout. 


  • 4 position height adjustment
  • Rapid adjustment button
  • Spring loaded locking mechanism
  • High-speed manipulation
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

NeoTeric Designs, BR Stock Cheek Riser V2, Fits CZ Bren 2 Rifle

  • $128.99 USD