New Neoteric Designs Bren 2 Folding Charging Handle

Ergonomic, intuitive, and designed from inception using human factor considerations to increase ease of pull and provide maximum purchase and leverage. Compared to the CZ stock charging handle, this folding charging handle sits at half the depth when collapsed and more that twice the length when extended providing exceptional clearance from the largest optic mounts and snag free of loose clothing or during transportation. This charging handle is ambidextrous and spring loaded for automatic collapse when released.  it's machined from lightweight and strong 6160 aluminum for weight savings and hard anodized, drop in easy install.

Perfect for use in competition where high-speed manipulation counts, as well as hunting, and military use when wearing gloves and tactical gear for snag free operation. 


  • Large handle for maximum purchase
  • Extended length for better leverage
  • Drop in replacement
  • High-speed manipulation
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

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NeoTeric Designs, Folding Charging Handle, Fits CZ Bren 2 Rifle

  • $129.99 USD