Stripped Slide only - No internals or sights.


Includes channel liner, screws and saddle plate.

The (silver) insulating plate (which insulates the RMR from heat and moisture) is not 
Insulating plate can be purchased separately

The original red dot slides and still the best. Our Supermatch Slides are manufactured for the gunfighter and is the most refined precision made custom slide available for the Glock platform available anywhere. The dovetail for the Trijicon RMR is cut in exacting detail during the manufacturing process and two locating bosses are used to always keep the RMR centered thus the RMR sits tight in the dovetail, and secured solidly at a center zero point on the slide. Angled and contoured design, correctly angled serrations, integral “blood groove” design and modern logo work together to create a slide that is deadly accurate, combat-ergonomic, as well as aesthetically pleasing.


  • Tighter tolerances for increased accuracy, reliability, and performance.
  • Precision manufactured from heat treated 17-4 aerospace stainless steel.
  • Serrations are ergonomically angled and shaped for ease of use under duress.
  • Barrel locking manufactured with tighter tolerances.
  • When used with a match-quality barrel, accuracy will be greatly increased.
  • The ejection port lowered by .100", and contoured for reliable and predictable ejection of spent cases.
  • Guaranteed to function 100% on all Glock frames with quality ammunition.
  • Fits Gen 1, 2, 3 Pistols.

The Suarez Match Slide comes finished in Black Melonite. This slide is by far, the best precision made custom slide available for the Glock platform available anywhere, and exceeds the quality and performance of the OEM model.

Suarez International, Supermatch SI-319 Trijicon RMR Stripped Slide, Black Melonite, Fits Glock Gen 3, G19 Pistol

  • $294.99 USD