M1 Garand 30-06 Parts Kit: 

Contains all parts needed for assembly except the receiver.  

New Criterion barrel in  30-06

New Walnut stock and handguards.  

All other parts are surplus.

Surplus 8rd Clip x 2   

Surplus Bullet Guide   

Surplus Clip Latch Pin   

Surplus Clip Latch Spring   

Surplus Clip Latch   

Surplus Complete Bolt   

Surplus Follower and Slide Assembly   

Surplus Follower Arm Pin   

Surplus Follower Arm   

Surplus Follower Rod   

Surplus Gas Cylinder   

Surplus Lower Band Pin   

Surplus Lower Band   

Surplus Rod Spring   

Surplus Op Rod Catch   

Surplus Op Rod   

Surplus Rear Sight - Complete   

Surplus Trigger Group Complete   


Note: The Op Rod in the kit might have an oversized tab, and might require some fitting and filing from a gunsmith. 

Finish on metal parts may vary, and may have signs of wear. Photo for reference only.

All surplus parts are 'As Is' and are a final sale.

No returns or exchanges available. 

SURPLUS, M1 Garand, Parts Kit #1 - 30-06

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